Programming for Kids

  • With Scratch
  • With Python
  • With App Inventor
  • With WordPress
  • Activities

Mobile Game Apps for Kids

  • Android Games
  • Educative Games
  • Games from Kids


  • School Training
  • CodeKid Competition
  • Spelling Bee
  • Kid Awards

Trillz Global Company

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  • Application Designing
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  • SEO
  • Penetration Testing e.t.c

Taking the children above being just computer users and familiarizing them with a world that sits ahead.

Our purpose is driven towards equipping kids with coding skills to brighten their creative thinking, ability to express their thought in unique ways, thereby improving their problem solving capabilities

Familiarizing kids with computer starts from the use of robotics to help them understand the concept of electronics. Assembling and Dismantling have a long way to go in teaching kids that wrong arrangement can be catastrophical.

Leaving no part, we would be taking programming with four main tools.

  • Scratch 2.0
  • WordPress
  • Python
  • App Inventor.